We are Hyzer Studios. We are a group of creative assasins who show up with killer instincts and solutions to tell your story.

Our story is simple really.

Founded in 2007, Hyzer Studios has been a growing force in Motion Graphics both in US and abroad. Since our inception, we have worked with Sports Promotion Design, Television, and Live Events.

Hyzer Studios is a Media Group. We are comprised of integrative designers with superior creativity, workmanship and overall integrity. Essentially at Hyzer we are story tellers. We want to tell your story in a dynamic and professional way. Our team of Creative Assassins will execute your narrative and be a direct link to your desired market. With comprehensive vision our Assassins provide design solutions with ingenuity. Whether we are designing for Network Branding, a Full Show Packaging, or 3D enhancements the process will be painless and inspiring… and dare we say enjoyable. We are that good.

And now we will name drop. In sports our body of work includes National Sports Organizations such as the NBA, NHL, and the PGA. Our versatility in Television has allowed Hyzer to collaborate with brands like NBA TV, CNN, The Golf Network, Roots Sports, ESPN, Encore, Showtime, Yes Network, Hallmark Channel, Comedy Central, The History Channel, Food Network and more. This teams diversity and energy has also given us the opportunity to partner with other companies in our field assisting in Creative Direction and Design. For us no job is too big or too small. We love a challenge. We love what we do. And we believe in our product.